Baljit Singh


    Baljit Singh is one of the lead Parcharak for Basics of Sikhi based up in Birmingham and is also involved with managing our organisation. He came into Sikhi in 1997, when the Guru changed his life completely! He quite quickly built a close relationship with Gurbani, which continues to this day. After some years, he decided to start sharing the knowledge Guru Sahib had blessed him with and started running programs from home and occasional Katha. Jagraj Singh spotted him doing Katha on the Sikh Channel and then asked him to join Basics of Sikhi in 2013. His biggest source of inspiration and strength is Guru Sahib’s Bani and if Guru wills, hopes for the rest of this life to remain immersed in nothing but Gurbani.

        Harman Singh


        Harman Singh has been blessed to be able to spend his childhood learning from various saints and scholars. He gained a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary and has served four years in the Canadian Armed Reserve Forces as a Combat Engineer. He is a respected figure within the Sikh community, active in system/policy changing. He is most known as an educator and speaker for educational charity Basics of Sikhi,  and head of their North America Team.

            Jagraj Singh


            Jagraj Singh is an influential educator, speaker and YouTuber who founded and runs Everything’s 13, a Sikh educational charity. An Oxford graduate in Philosophy, Politics and Eonomics, Jagraj is also an ex British Army officer.

                Sukhdeep Singh


                Sukhdeep Singh is one of our newly qualified Parcharaks in training from the Basics of Sikhi Academy. With the blessings of Guru Sahib he has only started truly following the path of Sikhi for the past two years and within this short period of time Maharaj has completely changed his life. It was through Basics of Sikhi he felt inspired to follow this path and now hopes to give back to the charity. He also has a degree in Human Nutrition and Exercise Science.


                    Kal Singh

                    Project Manager

                    Kal Singh joined the Basics of Sikhi team at the end of 2015 as our UK Project Manager. He was born and raised in West London and has been going to Basics of Sikhi Katha in Southall since 2012. He attended the first WhyGuru Course in Southall and soon after kept his Kes. He likes to engage with Sangat and has done Seva at Nagar Kirtans and Street Parchar events. He also raised over £1,000 for Basics of Sikhi by running the Toronto Marathon in 2013. Before joining Basics of Sikhi, he was a Project Coordinator and has experience in working on multiple projects simultaneously. We are hoping to utilize his PRINCE2 Project Management qualification and his degree in Business Management to deliver high-quality projects and products to the Sangat.

                        Sukhmani Kaur

                        Administration, Kids Projects

                        Sukhmani Kaur is involved in day-to-day administration of the charity and runs children’s projects: Kiddie Sangat – Sikhi playgroup for young families and a website for Sikh crafts & activities and Mighty Khalsa books and educational media publishing project. She was born in Russia and came in touch with Sikhi at the age of 16-17. She moved to the UK in 2003 to be closer to the Sangat. Sukhmani Kaur has extensive experience teaching Sikhi & Punjabi to children both within the school environment and camps


                            Amardeep Singh (Sodhi)

                            Tutor at the Basics of Sikhi Academy

                            Amardeep Singh is a tutor at the Basics of Sikhi Academy (Parcharak School). He has learnt from Giani Bhagwan Singh at Gurdwara Nirmal Bunga Gurmat Vidyala Bhindran, Sangrur. He has enjoyed his stay there learning Gurbani Santhiya, Sikh History and ancient Sikh philosophical and spiritual texts. Amardeep Singh currently lives in Leicester, UK.

                                Gobind Singh

                                Graphic Design

                                Gobind Singh has been involved with Basics of Sikhi almost since it started. He came into Sikhi during his second year of University in 2005. Since then he has led a successful career as a designer and has extensive experience within the design and retail sectors.

                                    Harinder Singh

                                    Video Editor, Social Media

                                    Harinder Singh from East London was born into a typical Punjabi family. After graduating from University with a degree in Music Technology, Harinder found the path of Sikhi after attending his first Sikh camp. Having a keen interest in technology, film, music and art and design, Harinder has been at the creative hub of various seva projects. This was taken further when given the opportunity to edit videos full time for Basics of Sikhi in 2014 and has since led the Video Editing department of BoS. In addition, Harinder also assists in managing E13 social media, as well as being involved in managing the seva teams of East London and Slough.

                                        Harjinder Singh

                                        Video Editor/Animator

                                        Harjinder Singh is from Birmingham and was born into a typical Punjabi family. He studied Visual Communication: Illustration at Birmingham City University, where he stumbled upon Sikhi’s rich and awe inspiring history. He then focused all his degree efforts on creating Sikh artwork which gained global recognition. This increased his passion to develop his work through different mediums such as graphics, animation and comics. As well as completing his degree Harjinder worked independently as a freelance Illustrator completing various projects which enabled him to build a rich and diverse portfolio of work. This experience led him to this role where he is excited to apply the knowledge and skills he has acquired to the Basics of Sikhi.

                                            Partapdev Kaur

                                            Head of Translations

                                            Partapdev Kaur was born in Spain in a Christian background family. She found out about Sikhi through Kundalini Yoga and soon after she moved to the Sikh philosophy based ashram Quinta do Rajo in Portugal. After two and a half years there she moved to England looking for more Sangat. Soon after she started working for Basics of Sikhi managing all foreign translations of our leaflets in addition to travelling abroad to do street parchar. She studied English and Translation in Spain with a year of scholarship studies at St. Andrews University, Edinburgh.

                                                Preetcharan Singh

                                                Multimedia Process Manager, Video Editor & Trainer

                                                Preetcharan Singh was born and brought up in Aberdeen, Scotland. His whole family are Gursikh, and he took Amrit when he was 17. Preetcharan has an Honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering, a Masters in Renewable Energy Systems, and is also a pilot. After graduating, he worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 2 years before joining Basics of Sikhi full time in Autumn 2016 as a video editor, amongst offering other expertise. Since 2007, he runs a global Keertan website, which allowed him to develop skills in audio and video editing, web design and much more, leading him to join Basics of Sikhi’s team. Preetcharan is a Tabalchi, Keertani and is learning to play Dilruba – Keertan is his life! He is passionate about using his technical knowledge base to support Basics of Sikhi in spreading Guru Nanak’s message.