We organise international Sikhi camps aimed at bringing people together and inspiring each other through Seva, Simran, Sangat, Kirtan and Katha.

Our camps feature inspirational speakers and are packed full of uplifting activities for mind, body and soul.

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Visitor Centre


We are currently fundraising to make a Visitor Information Centre right outside Sri Harimandar Sahib in Amritsar for the benefit of the tens of thousands of foreign tourists and millions of domestic tourists that visit throughout the year.

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BoS Academy

The Basics of Sikhi Academy was established to train the next generation of Parcharaks. We offer those who want to dedicate their life to spreading the message of Sikhi, a chance to do so by running a Parcharak training course, free of charge, which covers topics such as:

  • Gurbani Santhiya
  • Sikh History
  • Sikh Philosophy
  • Gurdwara Protocol
  • Speaking skills
  • Punjabi Language

YouTube Channel


One of our main projects is our YouTube channel. We provide educational videos on various aspects of Sikhi covering topics for very beginners with no prior knowledge through to advanced topics for those who want to deepen their understanding.

Visit our Videos section and explore our playlists according to your current level of understanding.



We produce educational leaflets, posters and other printed material in as many as 18 different languages to provide essential information on Sikhi in very simple terms and in an accessible format that can be utilized in countries around the world. Examples such as our famous ‘3 Facts’ leaflet and ‘Gurdwara Guide’ poster have become important resources which are widely used to help spread awareness and understanding of Sikhi.

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We offer introductory courses such as the 12 week Why Guru course which offers an insight into the history and development of Sikhi from the time of the gurus through to the present day. We also offer the 1 day course which is a more concise overview of Sikhi and its key concepts.

Contact us if you would like to see one of our courses taking place near you or alternatively, go through our courses at your own leisure by following the respective playlist online. See intermediate playlists.

Street Parchar


With no agenda other than to increase awareness and positively interact with the general public we organise teams to go out and share the very basics of Sikhi and the universality of its message using our printed materials and app to facilitate the process.

We normally film our Street Parchar sessions so that others can also benefit by watching them online. View our Street Parchar videos.

We also are active in bringing Street Parchar to different countries and languages around the world – check out our International Corner!

Talks & Katha


We have well versed speakers who deliver talks about Sikhi at universities, interfaith discussions, prisons, camps etc. If you would like to have one of our speakers talk at an event of yours request a speaker.

We also offer Katha (discourse) in English at Gurdwaras in the UK, and at local Gurdwaras abroad when visiting other countries.

Our regular Katha slots in the UK are:

  • Sunday 6-7pm @ Park Ave Gurdwara, Southall



Check out our Street Parchar App on iTunes – a great tool for explaining the fundamentals of Sikhi to anyone, including a wide variety of languages.  With a selection of over 20 leaflets and 1000 videos, it allows you to do your very own Street Parchar on the go whenever the opportunity arises. Our YouTube videos are categorised in a logical fashion, allowing users to view them directly in the App itself.

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