I am very moved as I learn more about Sikhism. The very creator you describe is the one i worship every Sunday at my Methodist church. You prove that the creator speaks all languages to all people.

Alistair McFarlin

Keep up the good work Basics of Sikhi. The knowledge I have gained is a blessing and life changing. Many will benefit from this initiative. I hope the Basics of SIkhi team will one day come to Toronto and inspire many more!

Stay in Chardi Kala B.O.S

Amritpal Singh

I am a young, non religious English man who has been drawn in by watching Jagraj Singh spread his message about Sikhi. I am so impressed I am actually considering donating money to the Sikh community. And I am not even a Sikh! The teachings are so fantastic. If everyone shared these Sikh values we would live in a tolerant and peaceful world. I hope other people are watching these videos and feel the same way.


every part of me feels like a sikh.

my relationship with God has always been there but I always felt stuck because I had no guidance.

I was Christian for 7 years but I only liked certain parts of being one, I didn’t agree with most and so I became a “picky

Christian” I only listened to what I felt was right. I fell into a routine and lost sight of God. stopped going to church

stopped identifying myself as Christian because I didn’t even understand the label. certain things sounded so man

made to me and I become upset.

I sat myself down and I asked myself “what do you believe in?” & I came up “one God, regardless of religion, or gender

or race.” I bumped into sikhism online some how and every time I read an article, saw a video, I identified myself with it

so much, every time I learned something I was thinking “yes!! this is truth!” and everything made sense to me, simran

made sense and I fell in love, kirtan sohila made sense and I fell

in love, then Guru Granth Sahib Ji made sense and I became head over heels.

I found God again in the most refreshing way and every part of me loves this experience. & amrit has been given to

me…by God of course, not physically yet…

…that’s where f am stuck. I want to learn Punjabi, I want to learn gurbani, f want to be able to understand 100% I want

to prove that f am willing to give it all to learn, listen, and practice sikhism for the rest of my life and I feel like I have no

where to seek that guidance or help. that’s why I’m so thankful for this channel because what I can’t findin miami I find

here, I learn everyday. so thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you don’t know you do!

Stephanie C