Basics of Sikhi Academy 2019


Applications: Now open until 12.00pm (UK time) on Monday 26th November 2018.

The 6- month GURBANI RESEARCH & INTRO TO PARCHAR course is for Amritdhari Sikhs who have longer term ambition to become a Parcharik (Sikh educator). We have a full time teacher and aim to utilise our current active Parchariks to teach Sikhi at an intermediate level in a comfortable learning environment for both men and women.

Starting in JANUARY 2019 and based in SEATTLE, USA. Applications are welcome from Sikhs bi-lingual in at least English and Punjabi. If the students successfully complete this 6-moth introductory course, they MUST spend a month in the UK for further Parcharik training. This will be provided by Basics of Sikhi in the UK.

Find out more in the sections below and apply now as there are only 6 places available!


Name: Amardeep Singh – Lead teacher at the Basics of Sikhi Academy

We want to introduce you to our very own now full time teacher at the Vadiyala: Amardeep Singh. He teaches: Gurbani Santhiya (correct pronunciation), Gurbani Ar’th (meanings of Gurbani), Sikh Ithihaas (history) and Gurmat Research.

We asked him to write about his goals and background and these are his answers:

Main Goals
For students to be well equipped with the correct pronounciation, deeper understanding of Sikh itihaas and provide skills to properly utilise historical resources, in order to gain deeper understanding of Gurbani.

Who and where did you learn from?
From Giani Bhagwan Singh Bhindranwale at Gurdwara Nirmal Bunga Gurmat Vidyala Bhindran, Sangrur.

Giani Jee learnt from Sant Baba Karnail Singh Jee at Tallewal and Giani Harbhajan Singh Dhudike at Gurdwara Akhand Prakash Bhinder Kalan under the guidance of Sant Giani Mohan Singh Bhindranwale.

What was the method used?
Traditional Taksal method of vidya which includes detailed Katha (discourses) of Gurbani, Suraj Prakash (six volume work detailing the lives of all the Sikh Gurus) and Katha Granths, in addition to one-to-one Santhiya.

We feel very blessed to have him in our team!

As well as Amardeep Singh, the students will also be taught by current Basics of Sikhi Parchariks. In 2017, Baljit Singh and Harman Singh shared some words with the Sangat. Check out this video to see what the teachers had to say about the Class of 2016 – 2017:

Previous Applicants: Class of 2017–18

The third Basics of Sikhi Academy was hosted again at Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Walsall. There were eight students for this term, coming from all over the world, including Malaysia and New Delhi.

Praneet Kaur is 25 years old and from New Delhi, India. Bhenji has a background in Architecture but why did she want to join the BoS Academy and what were her aspirations after graduating…

“Want to go back and strengthen BoS’s team in Delhi, devise a versatile layout and plan of action for the Basics India Team (based on what’s needed in which part of the country depending upon the audience and their cultural background). Would start off with delivering The WhyGuru Course and the Anand Kaaraj Course. Would like to encourage the youth to have a deeper connection with Gurbani and the Arths (meanings).”

Gurprit Kaur travelled all the way from Sarawak, Malaysia. Bhenji has a degree in Medical Science and has worked as an IQ Development Mentor. She joined the Academy and had the following aspirations for her return to Malaysia; Start-up Basics of Sikhi Asia, start Gurmat Classes in local Gurdwara where she can teach Guru Sahib history and post history. Work with local Gurdwaras to start the Anand Kaaraj course and The WhyGuru Course. Do a parchar tour locally and in remote areas such as Sabah and Sarawak where awareness of Sikhi is low.

The longer term goal is to move on to nearby countries to do Sikhi parchaar – Indonesia, Thailand, etc. A project this big will require a larger team and will take some time. “Dream Big – but taking small steps at a time.”

Gurkiran Kaur, 18 years old, decided to join the BoS Academy instead of starting University. Here’s why…

“Coming out of the Academy, with Maharaj’s kirpa, I hope to inspire others who think they’re not able or skilled enough to start volunteering for seva and working on their Jeevan. I hope to pursue a Gurdwara scheme at my local Gurdwara with mini workshops and kathas to bring together a community of English speaking sangat too. There are many things I want to implement and encourage, with Maharaj’s beant kirpa (the Great King’s infinite blessings) if I am to be used as a vessel”.

Mandeep Kaur, from Leeds, UK. Bhenji is 23 years old and has not only graduated in BA Hons Philosophy, English Language and Linguistics but has also completed an MA in Broadcast Journalism in TV and Radio before starting at the BoS Academy.

Here’s a few words from bhenji for why she joined…

“Calling myself a Sikh and the daughter of Guru Gobind Singh ji wasn’t enough, I wanted to follow them and be active too. That’s what made me apply to this course. Our history is drenched in true service and love, such amazing examples have been set and we need to keep this going. To serve and protect. And until my Gatka skills improve, I guess I’ll stick to serving. So with the blessings of the the Sadh Sangat, the Guru’s roop (form) I hope to bring this message of love to the wider media including the news, and alongside serve in as much as Maharaj gives the opportunity to fulfil. May we all be blessed to truly connect back to what Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji were really trying to make us conscious of, and with whatever is happening in the world right now and will happen in the future, to shine that light that is within all of us, to be able to look beyond all of this and be that warm hand to someone, including ourselves. To really reconnect back to that 1”.

Akumdeep Singh, 19 years old and from Vancouver BC. Veerji tells us why he joined and his aspirations after graduating…

“I was doing my teachers program in Vancouver, to apply for being a high school teacher. I have taken a break off from all of this to join the BoS Academy. The reason why I joined the BoS Academy, was to do parchaar to make a difference in the world. Because this is the true education that should be given out to children, rather than only worldly knowledge. My goal when I go back to Vancouver is to educate and support the youth of today’s generation, because a lot of them either don’t have guidance, or have strong faith in Sikhi. Tears roll down my cheeks when I look back in history, I see such amazing Gurmukh Pyaarai who had sacrificed their own for us, the next generation to carry on. They have accomplished so much, and then there is me, who has done nothing for the Panth (community). I too, want to make a difference like they have. I too, want to sacrifice myself, for the cause of the Sikh plight. I too, want to see Sikhi flourish like how the light of the sun does, even in the darkest corners of the world. I too, not only want to make a difference, but live the difference. Please forgive me for any mistakes made.”

Alamjeet Kaur, 26 years old from Toronto, Canada.

Bhenji was also a sevadaar (volunteer) for our Ontario Team has been studying a PhD in Neurophysiology, of which she has taken a 6 month break from the program to join the BoS Academy.

Here’s why bhenji joined…

“I joined the academy to expand my understanding of Gurbani (Guru’s teachings) and spread the message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Serving the Panth (community) has always been close to my heart. After graduating from the BoS Academy, I can put that to action. One of my aims is to motivate the youth to build a better relationship with Maharaj. To do so, I will teach The WhyGuru Course in Toronto. Also, there is a need for the Anand Kaaraj Course to educate couples on the true essence of Anand Kaaraj such that they further strengthen their relationship with Maharaj and progress in Sikhi. In the long run, I want to motivate the Sangat to make the course mandatory in every Gurdwara.”

Kamaldeep (Hukam) Singh from Birmingham, UK was 25 year old when he joined the BoS Academy.

Veerji has been a Basics of Sikhi Birmingham sevadaar (volunteer) for a few years took the plunge to join the Academy. Having graduated in Law, helped with the Family Business whilst dabbling in property development, Hukam made the commitment of joining the Academy. Here’s his reason why…

“My reasons for joining the BoS Academy all come down to one purpose…to help continue what Jagraj Singh started and spread Sikhi. Having been a part of Basics as a sevadaar for 3/4 years, seeing how Basics has evolved and helped unite everyone into Sikhi, I want to do all I can to keep it going. There is a massive generational and educational gap for Sikhs young and old, I want to help bridge that gap and help take Basics forward.

Some of the students delivered Katha and/or talks during their time at the Academy. Some of these talks were recorded and uploaded onto our YouTube channel. Please click the links to watch:

With Guru’s Kirpa, the students have continued to spread Gurus wisdom since they have graduated from the Basics of Sikhi Academy

Previous Applicants: Class of 2016–17

The second Basics of Sikhi Academy opened up a collaboration with a Gurdwara in the West Midlands; Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Walsall. Students coming from as far as California and Australia were welcomed onto the 6-month course.

Saroop Singh (Reading, UK)
“I really wanted to come to the BoS Academy because it was such an amazing chance to learn more about Gurbani and Sikh history. That fact that it was in England made it easy to get to and it wasn’t an opportunity I wanted to miss”.

Mangal Kaur (California, USA)
“I put so much effort into my studies for many years but I felt I lacked the same dedication to my Sikhi knowledge and scholarship. Girls do not get very many opportunities to enhance this Sikhi knowledge so I couldn’t let it pass“.

Sukhdeep Singh (London, UK)
“At the end of this course, I hope to achieve a deeper understanding of Gurbani and build a stronger relationship with Guru Sahib. Therefore, be able to effectively communicate with fellow Sikhs or non-Sikhs and educate them about Sikhi”.

Jaspreet Kaur (Sydney, Australia)
“It is a real blessing to be able to have six months to learn more about Itihaas (history) and Gurbani amongst other students who are also so passionate about Sikhi”.

Sangeet Kaur (Bradford, UK)
“I thought the only way to achieve a deeper embrace of the beautiful teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, would be to attend a Vidyala in India so when I first heard about the Parcharik Course, I couldn’t quite believe it – such an amazing and rare opportunity on our doorstep – Vaheguru!”

Erin Singh (Toronto, Canada)
“I came to the BOS Academy with the expectation to learn to preach and get the message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji out to the world, in English. Thanks again for all the support Basics of Sikhi is offering the Khalsa Panth. WGKK WGKF”

Previous Applicants: Class of 2015–16

The first ever Basics of Sikhi Academy was held in. With Guru’s Kirpa, it was a great opportunity for Amardeep Singh, Baljit Singh and Jagraj Singh to train the next generation of Parchariks. In the videos below, we learn about the students’ experiences at the very first Basics of Sikhi Academy. Some of the students also made amazing progress and did Katha and talks around the UK.


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Application deadline: 12.00pm (UK time) on Monday 26th November 2018.

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