Street Parchar App

iTunesArtwork@2xAvailable for: iPhone / iPad

The Street Parchar App is an excellent medium for explaining the fundamentals of Sikhi to anyone, in a wide variety of languages.  With a selection of over 20 leaflets and 1000 videos, it allows you to do your very own Street Parchar on the go whenever the opportunity arises.  The YouTube videos of Basics of Sikhi are categorised in a logical fashion, allowing users to view them directly in the App itself.


The App contains these features:

  • Access to more than 30 leaflets in different languages, where topics include: 3 Facts, AGB, 10 questions, Bandi Chor, Chabeel, Vaisakhi and Langar Week
  • More than 1000 videos
  • 20 Languages, including: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish etc.
  • Zoom in and share leaflets easily
  • Ability to create your own list of favourite leaflets and videos for easy access
  • Split screen on newer iPads so you can run another app side-by-side

The Basics of Sikhi ‘Street Parchar’ App is available for free download. Get it on the iTunes AppStore now!


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Quiz App

IMG_7848_adj_webAvailable for: Android devices

This app is devoted to Sikhs. It is not enough to just be called Sikh; it is also important that you know what Sikhism is all about. The history of Sikhism, Names of Great Gurus, etc.

This app checks how much knowledge do you have about Sikhism with a simple quiz. You have option to select a category either Kids or Adult. Based on that a small quiz of 10 question is loaded. At the end, result is calculated. If you are a true Sikh, you must score at least 8/10 in first attempt. Best of Luck!!


The Basics of Sikhi ‘Quiz’ App is available for free download. Get it on Google Play now!