With the Grace of Guru Sahib, Basics of Sikhi are delighted to announce our third UK camp. Join us for five days packed with Katha, Kirtan, Lectures, Workshops, Activities, Simran, Sangat and Seva, all in a secret location in the Midlands. All are welcome to take this opportunity to meet like-minded Sangat, strengthen your Sikhi and relationship with Guru Sahib! When: 25-29 December 2018 The cost of the camp is £130 which includes all accommodation, Langar and Transport from Birmingham and West London. The minimum age for participants is 16yrs. There are limited spaces so apply now by completing the form below.
    1. What is Basics and Beyond Camp? It is a 5 day retreat open to all where you get to learn about different aspects of Sikhi, spend time with like minded Sangat, enjoy Kirtan (devotional singing of Guru’s Hymns), Katha (talks), Workshops and activities.
    2. Why should I attend Basics and Beyond camp? This is an opportunity for you to connect with other Sangat and really take that next step in your Sikhi. In our day to day lives it’s very hard to find time to focus on Sikhi or connect to Guru Sahib. Here all will be arranged so you will have nothing else to think about while you are at the camp. No matter where you are in your Sikhi the camp will help you move forward or refocus your sikhi.
    3. What will happen in the Camp? The day will start and end with a divan in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib with Kirtan and Katha. The afternoons will be spent in a mixture of talks, Workshops and activities. Not to forget Langar 3 times a day too!
    4. Who else will be attending Camp? A wide variety of campers will be attending from different, backgrounds, upbringings, countries and ages. There will also be Sevadars at the camp that will be around to help manage the groups and to answer any questions you may have.
    5. Will I fit in? There isn’t a need to worry about fitting in. The beauty in the camp lies in the fact that the Sangat is made up of individuals. We are all in a different place in our Sikhi and no one is seen as higher or lower. In Gurus eyes we are all his children and we can all learn from each other.
    6. How do I get to Basics and Beyond Camp? Transport will be organized from Birmingham and from West London and is included in the cost for the camp so you don’t have to worry about that!
    7. What are the facilities like? The accommodation will be shared rooms with shared shower and toilet facilities. It is a large country house we will be staying in with beautiful grounds to explore if you wish!
    8. How much do I pay to attend Camp? The fees is £130 per camper, this includes all accommodation, Langar and transport. Any surplus funds we are left with will go into our charity Everythings13 and will help fund future camps.
    9. Can I arrange my own overnight accommodation if I can’t attend the full camp or I want to stay at a hotel? If you pay are applying for the camp as a ‘full camper’, you will get overnight accommodation at the campsite. The accommodation will be shared rooms with shared shower and toilet facilities. It is a large country house we will be staying in with beautiful grounds to explore if you wish!But, you are more than welcome to arrange your own overnight accommodation. If you want to arrange this, please make sure you select the number of days you want to attend camp.If it helps, here is a list of local hotels near the campsite: Travelodge Stafford Central Hotel Weston Hall Premier Inn Stafford North Hurricane Days Inn Stafford Best Western Tillington Hall Hotel
    10. What is the procedure if I want to attend? Please fill out the form at this link Once we have received the form and your application has been accepted you will receive details on how to pay your fee.
    11. Can I speak to someone if I wish to discuss things prior to attending? Yes of course please email us at apply@basicsofsikhi.com and if need be we can send you a number to call one of the Sevadars.
    12. What will I need to bring? Once your application has been received and payment has been made you will be informed of exactly what you need to bring with you in the Camper Pack which will be emailed out to you two weeks before Camp.
    13. What is the food like at Sikhi Camp? As per the Sikh tradition, Sikhi Camp follows a Lacto vegetarian however we can cater for individual dietary requirements if needed. Wherever possible we will be using organic, locally and ethically produced ingredients. There will be a mix of food from Punjabi staples to western favourites.
    14. Who runs Basics and Beyond Camp? The Basics and Beyond camp is run by Sevadars from Basics of Sikhi. This is an organization dedicated to spreading the Guru’s message in English. Our Sevadars are from a mix of backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience to the camps. Most importantly they are a friendly bunch who will be more than happy to assist you throughout the camp when needed.
    15. What if after I apply I can’t make it, will I get a refund? All cancellations after 26th November 2018 are non-refundable.
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Also, please click this link for a list of local hotels if you want to arrange your own overnight accommodation

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