Preetcharan Singh

Preetcharan Singh was born and brought up in Aberdeen, Scotland. His whole family are Gursikh, and he took Amrit when he was 17. Preetcharan has an Honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering, a Masters in Renewable Energy Systems, and is also a pilot. After graduating, he worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 2 years before joining Basics of Sikhi full time in Autumn 2016 as a video editor, amongst offering other expertise. Since 2007, he runs a global Keertan website, which allowed him to develop skills in audio and video editing, web design and much more, leading him to join Basics of Sikhi’s team. Preetcharan is a Tabalchi, Keertani and is learning to play Dilruba – Keertan is his life! He is passionate about using his technical knowledge base to support Basics of Sikhi in spreading Guru Nanak’s message.