Amritsar Visitor Centre

This Amritsar Visitor Centre will be a futuristic centre for tourists to explore and learn about Sikhi. It will offer multilingual resources and meditation rooms to experience the One!


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Project Description

In August 2016, Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji, Parcharak and founder of Basics of Sikhi, shared a vision about opening a Visitor Information Centre right outside Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar for the benefit of tens of thousands of foreign tourists and millions of domestic tourists that visit throughout the year. The shopfront will be open and inviting with tablets and screens showing educational and informative videos. There will also be leaflets available in multiple languages. On the upper floors, there will be a lecture room to facilitate classes in the various subjects within Sikhi. There will also be a meditation room for people to experience the One.


Project Insights

Amritsar Visitor Centre Update - September 2017

Amritsar Visitor Centre Update - April 2018

Amritsar Visitor Centre Update - August 2018

Key Highlights

An Amritsar-based centre with lecture facilities to teach about Sikh history and philosophy

Using technology to offer digital content in multiple languages

Stock up on your Basics of Sikhi leaflets and merchandise

Goals for this Project

The goal is to get individuals to experience and learn more about Sikhi, through our rich history, practical living and daily dedication to Meditation (Simran) and Prayer (Gurbani).

This centre will offer lectures on numerous Sikhi topics that will help audiences get a deeper understanding of Sikhi and its core principles.

In time, we hope that the Amritsar Visitor Centre will become a ‘must visit’ place to supplement the Sangat’s and wider public’s visit to Sri Harmandir Sahib

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