Basics & Beyond Camps (UK & Canada)

Basics of Sikhi organise annual Sikhi camps in England and Canada, aimed at bringing people together and inspiring each other through Seva, Simran, Sangat, Kirtan and Katha. Basics & Beyond camps feature inspirational speakers and are packed full of uplifting activities for mind, body and soul.

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Project Description

The Basics & Beyond Camps offer an opportunity for Sangat to take the next step in their Sikhi. In our day to day lives it’s very hard to find time to focus on Sikhi or connect to Guru Sahib. At the Camps, all will be arranged so there will be nothing else to think about whilst you’re partaking in the many aspects of the camp. So, no matter where you are in your Sikhi, Basics & Beyond will help you move forward or refocus your Sikhi. This yearly conference reminds and teaches attendees of the t


Project Insights

Camp Highlights - Basics & Beyond UK 2019

Camp Highlights - Basics & Beyond Canada 2017

Camp Highlights - Basics & Beyond UK 2018

Key Highlights

Five days packed with Katha, Kirtan, Lectures, Workshops, Activities, Simran, Sangat and Seva

Food, accommodation and transport are all provided

Basics & Beyond Camps provide an experience for the mind, body and soul

Goals for this Project

The camp aims to strengthen and/or boost an individuals’ relationship to Guru Sahib

Through Katha, lectures, workshops and activities; the camps aim to teach and show some of the core values of Sikhi

The camp seeks to teach individuals the power and importance of the art of Seva. The art that teaches you how to be selfless and humble.

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