Basics of Sikhi YouTube Channel

The Basics of Sikhi channel focuses on spreading Sikh education, philosophy, history, spirituality, and humanitarianism on a global scale! We provide educational videos on various aspects of Sikhi covering topics for beginners with no prior knowledge through to advanced topics for those who want to deepen their understanding.



Project Insights

Key Highlights

Our YouTube channel has thousands of hours of multilingual content.

Our content is focused on various aspect of Sikhi, such as Kirtan, Katha, lifestyle talks and other informative content

The mixture of different genres of digital content on the channel indicates the desire to relate to different groups of audiences.

Goals for this Project

Our videos aim to demystify, inspire and uplift, using the wisdom and actions of the Sikh Gurus

We hope the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus will inspire Sikhs and those of other faiths to live better lives.

BoS aims to spread the ten Guru’s message internationally and in an effective manner.

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Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test