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Welcome to BoS TV! Check out our YouTube channel for new, fresh content about Sikhi and Spirituality. Join us on a relaxed and fun journey exploring a wide range of topics but through the lens of Sikhi. Let’s Talk Sikhi!

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Why We Started a New YouTube Channel in 2021 (BOS TV)

From Sikhism to Islam | BoS REACTIONS! [PART 1]

Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Podcast | Gurmukh Series [PART 1]

Key Highlights


BoS TV delivers Sikhi content in an informal podcast-styled format

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BoS TV works to connect younger audiences to Sikhi

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BoS TV discusses a variety of day to day topics through the Sikhi lens

Goals for this Project

The purpose of this channel is to spark Sikhi interest within the younger Sikh audiences

BoS TV interviews a variety of different Sikh figures in order to widen the worldview of Sikhi. The different perspectives serve as integral sources in understanding Sikhi and its core values.

BoS TV aims to garner international attention for Sikhi in an inclusive and relaxed manner. It seeks to deliver a variety of different styles of digital content whilst teaching Sikhi and its beliefs

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Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test

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