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Welcome to Camp Panth, where visionaries turn into leaders and students into teachers through education and community building.

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Project Description

Camp Panth is an educational institutional platform. Camp Panth aims to provide a platform to experience the Gurus “Kashi”, focusing on educating attendees on various aspects of Gurmat from learning how to read Gurbani, understanding Sikh history and philosophy, and other related topics. These activities are taught through the traditional scholarly institution of Education called Sampardai Vidya. The goal of the camp is to empower the participants to take ownership of their own spiritual development and to be an active member of the community.


Project Insights

Campfire Trailer

Testimonial Video - Guru ki ladli fauj

Testimonial Bhai Dipender Singh

Key Highlights

Five days packed with Katha, Kirtan, Lectures, Workshops, Activities, Simran, Sangat and Seva

Food, accommodation and transport are all provided

Camp Panth provides an experience for the mind, body and soul

Goals for this Project

Learn Gurmukhi and experience the world of Santhia (Traditional learning of Gurbani pronunciation and meanings)

Become a community leader. This camp aims to provide essential skills to become community leaders

Through Katha, lectures, workshops and activities; the camps aim to teach and show some of the core values of Sikhi

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Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test
Basics of sikhi  test