Kaurs' Camp

The Kaurs’ Camp is a three day retreat exploring the spiritual life of a Kaur. All Kaurs are welcome to take this opportunity to meet like-minded Sangat, and build your relationship with Guru Sahib Ji!

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Project Description

Every year the camp has a new theme. In 2020, the event’s theme was “The Soul Bride – Internal Wellbeing”. Through Katha, Kirtan, lectures and workshops by Basics of Sikhi Sevadars and special guests, we spend three days diving deeper into the life of Kaur walking on the path of love as prescribed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


Project Insights

Key Highlights

The camp is a fun-filled event introducing you into Sikhi, as well as covering some deeper aspects

Open and non-judgmental environment for Kaurs at all stages in their Sikhi journey

The camp aims to strengthen and/or boost an individuals’ relationship with Guru Sahib

Goals for this Project

The camp seeks to introduce Kaurs into the core values and beliefs of Sikhi. Within this retreat, Kaurs will be learning precious knowledge while having fun with their group mates

The camp will serve as a memorable and educational event that will stay with attendees for the rest of their lives

Provide Kaurs with an opportunity to build lifelong bonds and find Sangat and sisterhood in a spiritual atmosphere.

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Basics of sikhi  test
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