e often struggle to understand how to deal with our negative thoughts and what we can do about them. In this article, we will learn to deal with our negative thoughts. 

Where do these thoughts come from?

Imagine that someone is sitting down to watch TV and is flicking channels. Your mind is like watching someone who just keeps flicking the channels. New thoughts keep coming in and coming out all the time. Now when someone finds something interesting when they are flicking the channels, they stop and observe what they are watching. 

Positive and negative thoughts are just like flicking the channels and what we have to learn is not to stop at the negative thoughts and not to pursue them further. We need to let them go and keep on moving just like flicking channels. When you slowly start to ignore the negative thoughts, it will become your habit. 

Habits can be your best or worst friends

Neuropsychology states that it is easy to make and break willpower, but the mind finds it hard to make and break habits. Our aim is to build good habits. Once the habit is established and then if you suddenly start dwelling on the bad stuff, you will check yourself, because now it is something new to you and you have not done it for so long. You will say to yourself “What am I doing? We don’t do this anymore!” However, do not be overly optimistic, negative thoughts won’t stop coming immediately, but with time, you will get better at ignoring them and focusing on what matters. 

Trick of the Trade

Prevent going down the pathway of negativity whether it is through TV shows, movies, or bad Sangat (company). In Kalyug (the age of ignorance), anything bad is very attractive. This is a Jug (age) in which everything is going to be against the person who is trying to connect to God. So, the first thing is prevention. Anything you watch, hear, or do will stay with you for quite some time. 

You may have noticed, if you have seen something bad, it sticks around and rotates in your mind many times. Anything good takes a lot of effort to plant in your body and mind. Naam Simran and Bani both are weapons that help you get rid of bad thoughts. Therefore, we must stop engaging in negativity and focus on Naam (Connecting to the Divine) and Bani (Guru’s words). 

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