n this article of the Barah Maha series, we will delve into the message that Guru Arjan Dev Ji shares with us for the month of Phagun.

‍Composed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, The Barah Maha Baani takes us on a journey throughout the year, allowing us to focus on a different aspect of spirituality each month. 

The Fruit of Naam

In this month of Phalgun, trees bear fruit. Guru Arjan Dev Ji tells us the kind of fruit we must bear by feeding and nourishing our mind and soul with Naam (the experience of connecting to Vaheguru).

ਫਲਗੁਣਿ ਅਨੰਦ ਉਪਾਰਜਨਾ ਹਰਿ ਸਜਣ ਪ੍ਰਗਟੇ ਆਇ ॥

In the month of Phalgun, bliss comes to those, unto whom the Lord, the Friend, has been revealed.

Guru Sahib Ji begins by telling us what really gives us Anand, that permanent Sukh. Anand is not obtained from this world and its temporary pleasures. We might experience momentary happiness upon achieving something or when something good happens to us, but that happiness wears off quickly.

The true Anand, Guru Sahib Ji says, comes from finding Vaheguru within us. This is because Vaheguru possesses the quality of Anand (eternal bliss). Three qualities of the Nirgun Saroop (formless Parmatma) are Sat, Chit, Anand.

ਸਦਾ ਸੱਚਦਾਨੰਦ ਸਰਬੰ ਪ੍ਰਣਾਸੀ ॥

You are true, conscious and the form of bliss.

Being in Anand means that, no matter what struggles knock on our door from outside, we remain in a state of tranquillity within. Nothing shakes us to our core.

Networking with a CEO

Now the question arises, how can we actually find Vaheguru within us?

ਸੰਤ ਸਹਾਈ ਰਾਮ ਕੇ ਕਰਿ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਦੀਆ ਮਿਲਾਇ ॥

The Saints, the Lord's helpers, in their mercy, have united me with Him.

In the second line, Guru Sahib Ji tells us that saints are like Vaheguru's helpers, and through their grace and blessings, we too can meet Vaheguru.

To understand this, imagine wanting to meet the CEO of a large company. It's challenging because you lack a direct link. But if you find an internal connection - a person who knows the CEO's whereabouts, understands their preferences, and holds their trust, it becomes easier to establish a connection. Similarly, saints intimately know Vaheguru. They serve as personal assistants of Parmaatma, guiding us through life's journey.

What do we get when we find God?

ਸੇਜ ਸੁਹਾਵੀ ਸਰਬ ਸੁਖ ਹੁਣਿ ਦੁਖਾ ਨਾਹੀ ਜਾਇ ॥

My bed is beautiful, and I have all comforts. I feel no sadness at all.

Guru Sahib Ji says that finding Vaheguru is like discovering all the happiness in the world, equal to a thousand comforts.

It's not that you no longer suffer or experience pain; rather, you stop letting it affect you. We understand that both Dukhand Sukh are part of life, and we shouldn't get too attached to them. They come based on our actions, and meditating on Vaheguru is the best way to deal with them.

Then Guru Sahib Ji says,

ਇਛ ਪੁਨੀ ਵਡਭਾਗਣੀ ਵਰੁ ਪਾਇਆ ਹਰਿ ਰਾਇ ॥

My desires have been fulfilled-by great good fortune, I have obtained the Sovereign Lord as my Husband.

All our desires come true, and we're left with only one - to be One with Vaheguru. As we form a direct relationship with Vaheguru, whatever the saints say becomes true. Vaheguru Ji loves their Bhagats and listens to them.

ਤੂ ਭਗਤਾ ਕੈ ਵਸਿ ਭਗਤਾ ਤਾਣੁ ਤੇਰਾ ॥੧੦॥

You are under the control of Your devotees; You are the strength of Your devotees. ||10||

The Longing for Sangat

When we begin to connect to Vaheguru Ji, we long for the company of those like-minded people who are also searching for Parmaatma or have already found Parmaatma.

ਮਿਲਿ ਸਹੀਆ ਮੰਗਲੁ ਗਾਵਹੀ ਗੀਤ ਗੋਵਿੰਦ ਅਲਾਇ ॥

Join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of rejoicing and the Hymns of the Lord of the Universe.

When we get together with them, we sing the praises of Vaheguru together (Keertan), listen to Katha (spiritual discourse), and do Sewa. 

Next, Guru Sahib Ji explains that there is no one equivalent to Vaheguru.

ਹਰਿ ਜੇਹਾ ਅਵਰੁ ਨ ਦਿਸਈ ਕੋਈ ਦੂਜਾ ਲਵੈ ਨ ਲਾਇ ॥

There is no other like the Lord-there is no equal to Him.

From the beginning, Vaheguru has existed, and even in the future, if nothing remains, Vaheguru will still exist. If we seek everlasting peace and happiness, only Vaheguru can bless us with it.


Protector of Both Worlds

ਹਲਤੁ ਪਲਤੁ ਸਵਾਰਿਓਨੁ ਨਿਹਚਲ ਦਿਤੀਅਨੁ ਜਾਇ ॥

He embellishes this world and the world hereafter, and He gives us our permanent home there.

Vaheguru is the sole source of peace and protection, both in this world and beyond our physical existence. When we depart, neither friends nor family accompany us, but the virtues we've gathered and our connection with Vaheguru remain with us.

ਸੰਸਾਰ ਸਾਗਰ ਤੇ ਰਖਿਅਨੁ ਬਹੁੜਿ ਨ ਜਨਮੈ ਧਾਇ ॥

He rescues us from the world-ocean; never again do we have to run the cycle of reincarnation.

Vaheguru saves us from the five vices (lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego) prevalent in this dark age of Kaljug. Through Gurbani, Seva, and Simran, we triumph over these vices, and by Vaheguru’s grace, we attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death.


Constantly Praise the One!

ਜਿਹਵਾ ਏਕ ਅਨੇਕ ਗੁਣ ਤਰੇ ਨਾਨਕ ਚਰਣੀ ਪਾਇ ॥

I have only one tongue, but Your Glorious Virtues are beyond counting. Nanak is saved, falling at Your Feet.

ਫਲਗੁਣਿ ਨਿਤ ਸਲਾਹੀਐ ਜਿਸ ਨੋ ਤਿਲੁ ਨ ਤਮਾਇ ॥੧੩॥

In Phalgun, praise Him continually; He has not even an iota of greed. ||13||

Towards the end, Guru Sahib Ji says, "I have only one tongue, but the virtues of Vaheguru are countless.” Even a lifetime won’t suffice to sing Vaheguru’s praises fully. So, in the month of Phalgun, relish the fruits of Vaheguru’s praises and cultivate good virtues. Sing the praises of the one unaffected by greed - Vaheguru, by joining the Saadh Sangat (holy company) and experience inner bliss!

This article is a transcribed version of the video How to Meet and Experience God by Bibi Gurprit Kaur Ji. 

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