ranslated based on sub-topics, summarized and simplified

Pyara Bhai Daya Singh Ji: First Piaara of the Panj Piaare (Five Beloved), one of the closest companions of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and the one who delivered the Zafarnama (Epistle of Victory) to Aurangzeb.

The Tenth Guru was sitting on the throne in Anandpur Sahib when Daya Singh asked, “O' King, please tell us the code of conduct upon listening, we become liberated.”

Process Of Administering Amrit (Immortal Nectar)

  1. In the center of the congregation, have the Parkash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Guru Granth Sahib Ji sitting on their throne).
  2. Have 5 Singhs who will administer the Amrit (Immortal Nectar)
  3. In an iron bowl (Sarbloh), add water from Sri Amritsar
  4. Start reciting Jap Ji Sahib from start to end, followed by Jaap Sahib until the completion of Anand Sahib
  5. Stir the water with the sword towards you.
  6. Once ready, one Singh shall ask permission from Guru Sahib to administer Amrit, take another small iron bowl and administer Amrit to the initiates.
  7. The initiate should place the right palm on the left palm. After a gulp, recite Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. This should be done five times.
  8. Sprinkle the Amrit into the eyes five times and on the hair five times.
  9. After the ceremony, Panj Piaare (five beloved ones) must tell the Rehit (Spiritual Discipline) of the Gurmantar (Vaheguru mantra) and rename the initiates according to Gurmat (Guru’s wisdom).
  10. Each initiate should do ardaas of 1.25 rupees, and then all the initiates should eat Karah Parshaad (sweet blessed food).

Rehit (Code Of Conduct)

  1. Do not have any form of interactions or relations with
  1. Masands (administers of Gurdwaras who have stolen from the Sangat)
  2. Followers of Dhir Mal
  3. Followers of Ram Rai (one who changes Gurbani)
  4. Those who shave their head. 
  1. Do Seva (selfless service) of Singhs, meditate on Naam and Shabad, learn Shastar Vidhiya (Science of Weaponry), keep your mind tuned in Vaheguru, and recite Vaheguru with each breath.
  2. Forsake falsehood, other women apart from your own wife, anger, pride, attachment, slander, and other vices.
  3. Do not hurt anyone, speak sweetly, and keep the mind pure.
  4. Do not follow the ritual of fasting, praying to deities or tombs, and other ceremonial practices of other religions.
  5. Keep your mind, body, and wealth attuned only in Akaal Purakh (Timeless Being, God).
  6. Give your Dasvand (donate a tenth of your earnings) and share with others. The Guru shall be pleased with you.
  7. Do Ardaas (a humble request) before any task, and all your wishes shall be fulfilled.
  8. Do not go to such places where the Guru is forgotten.
  9. Do not eat a lot, but do not forsake food as well. Sleep and speak little.
  10. Do not go into the Sangat (congregation) empty-handed; listen and do Kirtan (devotional music), give to those in need.
  11. Bring the apostate back into Sikhi.
  12. Follow the Rehit (Spiritual Discipline), wear the symbol of chastity - the  Kachera (undershorts), wear the weapon of the Guru's words, and keep unshorn hair as it has been given the utmost respect.
  13. A Sikh shall not partake in these five actions;
  1. Interest in other's wealth
  2. Interest in other's wife
  3. Interest in other's slander
  4. Gambling
  5. Intoxicants/Alcohol

Rehit For The Kes (Unshorn Hair)

(Image via Nihung Santhya, Karad- shaped like a kitchen knife, a tiny weapon that can be kept in one's turban.)

  • Tie your hair up in a bun right on top of your head, in the center. Then, tie a  great turban, keep your Kes covered, comb your Kes twice a day, tie a turban layer by layer and wash your hair after every four days.
  • Keep a pure iron karad (knife) in your turban.

Ideal Measurement For Kachera (undershorts)

5 gaj x 2.5 gaj = 4.5metres x 2.3 metres  (approx) 


Wear blue, white, yellow and green clothes. Do not wear red (saffron) as the colour quickly fades.

The Fateh Of The Guru - Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  • The one who says Fateh first will gain 20x more blessings.
  • The one who replies to the Fateh will gain 10x blessings.
  • One who does not call a Singh by his full name is worthy of punishment.

Who Goes To Hell?

  • One who eats bareheaded or bathes naked - will go to hell.
  • One who dresses up like a Sikh but from within is full of deceit - will go to hell.
  • One who kills daughters and gives one's daughter to a clean-shaven - will go to hell.
  • One who gambles and drinks alcohol - will go to hell.
  • One who eats meat from Turks (Halal) or goes to prostitutes - will go to hell.
  • One who does Sangat of Turks - will go to hell.
  • One who steals from the Guru and walks around bareheaded- will go to hell.
  • One who leaves the Guru's Bani and follows rituals of other religions - will go to hell.

What To Do When Someone Slanders The Guru

Either cut that person's head or immediately leave that place.

Giving Tankha (Religious Punishment)

  1. Five Rehitvaan Singhs shall come together and prescribe the tankha (consequence) to remove all ailments.
  2. In a fight, the one who removes the Dastaar (turban) of another Singh will have to pay a fine of two Takkas (1/16th  part of a rupee), the one whose dastaar is removed pays a penalty of one Takka (1/32nd part of a rupee)
  3. One who wears the thread (Janeoo) around his neck pays a fine of 1/4th of a rupee.
  4. Those who go to other religious pilgrimages such as Jaganathpuri, and only after that comes to Abchal Nagar Hazoor Sahib, shall pay a fine of 25 rupees and on top of that, 1/4th of a rupee fine paid to the Takhat from where they have taken Amrit.
  5. After taking Amrit, if one gambles, robs, or drinks alcohol, shall pay a fine of 5 rupees.
  6. One who is involved in the act of adultery shall have to go to all the Takhats, do ishnaan and offer 1/4th rupee at each Takhat. One who commits adultery with their own daughter or sister shall not be forgiven.
  7. One who bathes without a kachera, or walks around bareheaded, shall pay a fine of 1/4th rupee.
  8. One who consumes tobacco shall pay a fine of 50 rupees and punished 50 lashes with a club; only then he shall be given Amrit again and get forgiveness.
  9. The one who disrespects Kes (Unshorn Hair), the Tankha is life. But if the Guru blesses, through the Khalsa, one can be forgiven. Punishment shall be 50 lashes, re-administer Amrit, and listen to the full Rehitnama. That person should do countless Jap Ji Sahib path in 40 days.
  10. One who indulges in adultery, intoxications, Halal meat, and gambling shall suffer until the end of their lives. In cases where the person is struggling to breathe the last breath, administer Amrit to the person.
  11. One who interacts with Dhirmaliye, Masands, Ram Rai's followers, those who carry out female infanticide - shall pay a fine of 1/4th rupee.

Note: The Rehit mentioned above are mainly applicable to Amritdhari Sikhs who have initiated to become Sikhs and Khalsa.

The original version of Gurmukhi is attached below. A reminder that I have only summarised these five pages into subtopics, as many points above have been repeated, or some were too difficult to understand.

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