n this article, we will learn about the actions that a Sikh cannot commit and has to confess if a Sikh ends up doing that.

Bajjar Kurehits (Cardinal Sins)

There are four Bajjar Kurehits (Cardinal Sins/Conduct to refrain from) that indicate that you have broken your Amrit and they are as follows:

1. Sex outside of marriage

2. Cutting your hair

3. Eating Halal meat

4. Smoking or use of tobacco in any form. 

If you have done any of these things and you are Amritdhari (Initiated Sikh), then you have to go Pesh (Confess) in front of Panj Piaare (Five beloved ones) and take Amrit again. If you haven’t done these things then you don’t have to go Pesh. However, if you are not keeping your Rehit (Spiritual Discipline), for example, you are not waking up at Amrit Vela (ambrosial hours before dawn), then it depends on why. If you are staying up late because of your university assignments, your work, your kids, then that is a normal part of life. Amrit Vela is both an order and also a recommendation. It means that you are physically not going to be feeling as much Naam (Connection to the Divine) as you could be feeling, had you been keeping up your Rehit. Guru Gobind Singh Ji says that they don’t just love the person, they love the person who is trying to live the life of a Sikh. Rehit is not only about Amrit Vela, it is about Naam, love, treating people nicely, and being a good person. There is no point in being a Hankaari (egoistic) person who wakes up at 3 AM. Rehit is about controlling the Panj Chor (Five thieves meaning lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride). There are numerous sins that we do that aren’t necessarily worthy of going to Panj Piaare for Pesh but it requires taking a good look at ourselves.

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