hen we try to do Simran (remembering God), our mind wanders and we get more thoughts than normal. This article discusses what we can do to have a better focus when doing Simran. It also addresses the question if we should be thinking bad of ourselves for having a wandering mind. 


Recognize your mind is wandering and try to stop it. The worst thing would be if you start to follow a thought and you're like "Oh, that's a great thought. Let's follow that". The thoughts are going to come. If your mind wanders, don't beat yourself up. Just ignore it and go back to Simran (remembering Vaheguru).

Feeling Sleepy

If your mind is wandering because you're doing Simran in your mouth, do it louder so your ears can hear it. Get up and walk if you're feeling sleepy. Do your Paatth (recital of Gurbani) standing up. Don't have your back against the wall. Try to sit up straight as much as you can. If you feel sleepy even then, then stand up. The game is to beat the mind. If the mind wanders, ignore the wandering and go back to Simran.

The Game

How can you beat yourself up for playing the game? The game is that the mind wanders and you recognize it and stop it. Avoid thinking that I'm so bad because my mind wanders. We're not meant to be perfect. If you're Amritdhari (initiated Sikh), it doesn't mean that you’re instantly a Mahapurkh (great being) that is reaching Sachkhand (realm of truth). Taking Amrit means you just got into the school. The school has a lot of training to do, so start training and Guru Ji is here to help us.

This article is a transcribed version of the video

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