armandir Sahib Ji, popularly known as the Golden Temple, stands as a magnificent testament to the principles of Sikhi. Since it was constructed by Guru Sahib Ji themselves, just looking at the structure of Harmandir Sahib can give us a deep insight into Sikhi itself.  

The Open Doors: Welcoming All

Harmandir Sahib stands with four open doors, representing Vaheguru's openness to all. Irrespective of color, caste, creed, or religion, Vaheguru Ji embraces everyone. Sikhi urges us to be inclusive in our perception of God. All that Vaheguru cares about is loving devotion. We must understand that salvation cannot be achieved solely through the merits or demerits of our religion, but rather through our own actions and boundless love for Vaheguru.

Humility: Descending to Ascend

Upon entering Harmandir Sahib Ji, we descend (i.e. climb down the stairs) rather than ascend (climbing up the stairs). This is a gesture of humility. Guru Sahib Ji teaches us that humility is paramount when approaching Vaheguru. Recognizing the insignificance of the self in the grand scheme of things enables us to develop a genuine connection with the divine by becoming part of the larger picture. By humbling ourselves, we acknowledge the importance of surrendering our ego and embracing the values of compassion, selflessness, and service.

The Beauty of Devotion

Within the sanctum of Harmandir Sahib Ji, after showing humility by covering our heads, we are greeted with a sight of extraordinary beauty. The magnificence leaves many in awe, inspiring them to bow down in reverence. This act mirrors our response upon encountering Vaheguru - the overwhelming sense of amazement and admiration. However, this experience alone is not enough to meet Vaheguru. Our journey towards the divine necessitates action and true devotion, which are integral to gaining access to Vaheguru's divine court.

The Path of Love

The circumambulation around Harmandir Sahib Ji, known as the Parkarma, symbolizes the cycle of 8.4 million lives we traverse in search of Vaheguru. Yet, amid the repetitive cycles, there exists only one true path to reach the Darbaar Sahib (divine court) itself, and that is love. Deep within, if the love for the Creator is lacking, our efforts will be in vain. Love serves as the guiding light, leading us directly into the embrace of Vaheguru.

Kirtan: Harmonious Praises

Arriving at Harmandir Sahib Ji, we witness the enchanting experience of Kirtan, devotional music filling the air. Gurbani tells us that in Vaheguru's divine court, praises are sung continuously. In Sach Kand, the realm of truth or heaven, Bhagats (devotees) engage in the ecstatic expression of love for Vaheguru through Kirtan, and this is exactly what happens in Harmandir Sahib as well.

Therefore, within Harmandir Sahib, the beauty lies in the equality that prevails. Irrespective of gender, race, or religion, everyone is welcomed to sit on the same floor and partake in the divine Kirtan or Langar. Here, differences dissolve as all join in unison to praise the One who created them.

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