n this article, we will discuss a common doubt of most people who begin to walk this path of reading Gurbani and doing Simran. What can we do when our mind wanders as we are trying to connect to Vaheguru Ji?

Step One: Acknowledge and Normalize 

The first step is to acknowledge when your mind starts to drift and try to gently bring it back. You need to avoid drifting away further and pursuing the thought. That’s when your mind wanders, and you're like, "Oh, that's an interesting thought. Let's follow that." No, we need to let it go! But at the same time, remember that thoughts will come anyway. It is completely normal!

Don’t fall into the Guilt Trap

During Simran, thoughts will pop up, and you just need to let them go. Ignore them. If your mind wanders, don't be hard on yourself. Just ignore it and go back to Simran.

If you're finding it hard to focus because you're saying Simran in your mind, try saying it out loud so you can hear it better. That might help. If you're getting sleepy, stand up and take a walk while doing your Paath. Try not to sit with your back against the wall. That can make you fall asleep easily. Try sitting up straight as much as you can. If you still feel sleepy, stand up.

It’s a Game!

Remember, the game is to beat the mind's wandering. If it strays, just bring it back to Simran. Don't criticize yourself. It's like a game, and you can't be upset about attempting to play it. The game is about the mind wandering, you noticing, and then stopping it.

Don't think you're bad if your mind wanders. We're not supposed to be perfect. We all have flaws, and Guru Sahib Ji is here to help us improve. So, don't expect perfection from the start, especially if you've taken Amrit. Taking Amrit is like starting school – there's a lot to learn once you have enrolled, in fact enrolment is just the first step!

Closing Thoughts..

To sum up, be aware when your mind wanders and try to refocus it. It's okay to have thoughts, just let them go. Don't worry about your mind wandering. Provided that you don’t have other health concerns, remember not to lean against the wall while doing Paath, and sit up straight. Don’t beat yourself up for your imperfections and trust Guru Sahib Ji’s guidance. This is a gradual journey, similar to learning in school – every step is important.

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