ead Below:

  1. Read and listen to Gurbani (Guru’s Words) with faith.
  2. Do Kirtan (devotional music) by yourself. 
  3. You are not to waste time without Naam. Do SIMRAN (remembering Vaheguru) with every breath. Do not waste time on fruitless activities.
  4. Put one's consciousness at Guru's feet. Serve the SANGAT (holy congregation) with dedication.
  5. Have a giving attitude and forsake the desire to take and seize.
  6. Go to Gurdwara (Guru's door, Sikh temple) to listen to Kirtan and do SEVA (selfless service).
  7. Consider yourself the slave of Vaheguru. Everything is Theirs and Their gifts to you.
  8. Know Vaheguru as your best friend. Friends will never hurt you.
  9. Submit everything to Vaheguru, even yourself, as a sacrifice. Have no attachment to anything

You can help spread the message of Sikhi to people around you by using the leaflet created by the Basics of Sikhi team.
You can also check out our other leaflets on the Downloads page.

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