ppearance and Virtues

If you want to tie a Dumalla, avoid tying up your beard. This combination often looks strange. From far, you are seen as an Amritdhari (initiated Sikh) when you wear a Dumalla. This is because normally, a Dumalla is worn by an Amritdhari. If you are wearing it, then definitely wear those types of clothes and do those things that an Amritdhari would do. If you haven’t taken Amrit (nectar of immortality) yet, it doesn’t mean that you do whatever you want while wearing a Dumalla. If you haven’t taken Amrit yet and are wearing a Dumalla, definitely do those things that an Amritdhari would strive to do. 


When wearing a Dumalla, stay within the 4 colours of yellow/orange, black, white and blue. These are the four colours for a Dumalla. If you want to wear a different style of Turban, then wear it with joy. But normally if the Singhs want people to recognize them from afar, they specifically wear 1 of the 4 colours. Muslims brothers used to wear green and Hindu brothers sometimes used to wear red turbans. Sikhs then emphasized that we should keep these 4 colours and have a distinct identity from afar. This is just for identity. There’s no spiritual significance of these colours. It’s just so that from afar, one can recognize that this person is a Sikh and a Khalsa.

You can help spread the message of Sikhi to people around you by using the leaflet created by the Basics of Sikhi team.
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