e often wonder, how was this world created? What existed before human life? This article answers these questions in light of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (The Eternal Sikh Guru, Sikh Holy Scripture). 

IkOangKaar (Big Bang)

The very first word in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is IkOangKaar which describes the Big Bang and the origin of the Universe. From Singularity (Ik = 1) there came a Sound (Oang) which expanded into Creation (Kaar). Guru Sahib Ji explicitly describes creation as multi-dimensional and infinitely vast, with countless galaxies and planets. This includes planets with other beings who are also trying to connect to the One. Gurbani dismisses limitations like 7 heavens, 7 hells, or a flat Earth. It explains the Big Crunch (opposite of the Big Bang) and states that this cycle of creation/destruction has occurred many times before (cyclical theory). Guru Ji states that air was the first thing created (hydrogen), and from air came water (H2O). All life then came from water. The first thing scientists look for when searching for life on other planets is signs of water.

Naam Upholds the Creation

Guru Sahib Ji states that God’s Name (Naam i.e., the manifestation of the Intangible One) is supporting all the Creation, like the God Particle. Everything, all elements and all matter are made of God’s Name. We can connect to this Divine Force inside us through our Tenth Gate, an energy centre at the top of our head. This experience is pure bliss and powerful. 


We don’t believe in Apocalypse or Judgment Day. Just like the universe goes through cycles of creation and destruction, we also reincarnate millions of times through different species on Earth. Our current life situation is not by chance, rather it’s part of our Karam (Karma; earned through our previous thoughts, words, and actions). Our soul’s purpose is to connect to the One, something only possible for humans. Therefore, a human life is a priceless opportunity to experience Naam (connection to the Divine). Guru Sahib Ji says that we cannot be liberated without the glory of God’s Name and those who chant God’s Name are blessed.

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