ikhi aims to bring about a world centred on Dharam (justice and righteousness) where people have freedom of belief and access to necessities. Compassion for others should be the guiding principle of society. This article explains how Sikhs try to implement this vision, as well as contribute to the world and their surrounding communities. 

Degh Tegh Fateh 

Degh refers to basic human needs like food, shelter, medicine, education. Tegh refers to justice, freedom from oppression, and protection. Fateh means victory, meaning the Khalsa will be victorious when both Degh and Tegh are spread across the world. To fulfill this mission, the Guru Khalsa (the collective body of initiated Sikhs) was created. The Khalsa aspire to be spiritually awakened saintly soldiers in order to serve others, defend them from injustice, and work to destroy oppression.

Giving back to the Community 

To this day, the free Langar in all Gurdwaras has fed billions of people regardless of their background. Langar is a free communal kitchen operated by Sikh volunteers throughout all Gurdwaras across the globe and is funded by donations. There are many Sikh hospitals, orphanages and schools throughout the world and some of them are entirely free of cost.


In our short history, Sikhs destabilized the Mughal regime, saved Hinduism from extinction and saved scores of women from being sold into slavery in Afghanistan. Sikhs also fought against the Nazis in World War 2 and were instrumental in India’s independence.

Sikhs don’t aim to convert others nor impose Sikh law on everyone. Although Sikhi is the straight path to realization, people of other faiths (and none) can be inspired by the Guru’s wisdom without converting.

You can help spread the message of Sikhi to people around you by using the leaflet created by the Basics of Sikhi team.
You can also check out our other leaflets on the Downloads page.

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