hat is the purpose of life? What is the truth about life? What is the truth about happiness? We often ask these questions once we achieve all the materialistic things of the world, but still feel empty from inside.

To Experience Naam

The One Supreme Being is our real Soulmate. Although we search for happiness in worldly things, deep within, our soul seeks union with the One. The One is inside us and accessible to all of us. At the top of our head is an energy centre called the Dasam Duaar (tenth door). This allows us to experience the Divine One. When we connect to the One, we cry tears of joy, our body tingles and divine bliss floods our mind. 

Love is the Way

Love is the fastest and surest way to get to the Supreme One. Once this fire is kindled within us, we feed it with spirituality. Chanting God’s name, singing divine songs written by the Gurus themselves, and serving selflessly, we attune ourselves to the Immaculate One. This is the process of purifying our Soul, so it shines with the light of the Divine One that is inside us. Calling the One (Naam) is the most powerful way to manifest the Divine One within us. Naam is both the journey and the destination. Celibacy or asceticism is not required. The first step towards spirituality is being a positive member of society. Like a bird needs two wings to fly home, we also need both Morality (Miri) and Spirituality (Piri) to merge with the Divine One which is our true origin.

You can help spread the message of Sikhi to people around you by using the leaflet created by the Basics of Sikhi team.
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