here are Ten Sikh Gurus, all Sikhs believe in the teachings of these Gurus. In this article, we will discuss the role of the Guru in a Sikh’s life. Sikhi is a Sikh term for “Sikhism” used in this article. 

Mirror of the Divine One

Just like a wave rising up from the ocean is powerful and distinct, then disappears within the ocean, Saints appear in the world. Already merged with the One, they come to spread the light to others. Our Gurus are the mirrors of the Divine One. They shine with Truth, speaking revelation, and have the power to awaken us to our divine potential. Sikhi is about submitting to both God’s will and the Guru’s teachings. Anyone of any background can be a Sikh (disciple) and earn the Guru’s Kirpa (grace). 

Key to Merging 

The Gurus were sent by the One to show the world this spiritual and moral path, and are key to merging with the One. Just like a glass of water taken from the ocean remains Ocean water, our Soul remains the same as the One. We are inside the One, it’s all around and inside us. Our ego is what separates us from the One. The Guru has the power to remove this ego, but the Sikh must surrender the ego to the Guru. A Sikh falls in love with Guru; love in Sikhi is unconditional. Walking the Guru’s path, a Sikh earns the Guru’s grace and merges with God. 

There was an unbroken line of Ten human Gurus from 1469 to 1708. All the Gurus are seen as the same light, mirroring the One. In 1708, Eternal Guruship was bestowed upon Guru Granth Sahib Ji (scripture) and Guru Khalsa Panth (collective of initiated Sikhs).

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