ikhs have 11 Gurus and because of this, many people lack an understanding of who Sikhs believe in. People might wonder whether Sikhi is monotheistic or polytheistic. Sikhi is a Sikh term for “Sikhism” used in this article. 

One Supreme Being 

The only eternal reality is the One Supreme Being who Creates, Sustains and Destroys everything. The One expanded into the world and its light pervades everywhere. The one is Infinite Bliss, Pure Love, Without Hate or Fear, Compassionate, All-Knowing, Eternal, and Ever-Forgiving. We can experience the One Supreme Being. 

There is no religion and God has no chosen people. The entire human race is equal, some of whom are connected to this and others have yet to realize their Divine potential.

Context About Sikhi

Sikhi is a revealed path of Enlightenment, as taught by the Ten Gurus from 1469 to 1708. Like scientific truths exist in all languages, the Truth of Sikhi exists in other faiths. We respect all people and their religious freedom. Since most people know very little about Sikhi, here is some context:

  • Like Christians, we sing God’s praises and love our Gurus, but we do not believe salvation is only for Sikhs or there is a devil.
  • Like Muslims, we follow the One, but we do not impose on others or believe in eternal hell.
  • Like Buddhists, we meditate, remain mindful and aim for a blissful consciousness (nirvana). However, we do worship the One Immortal Creator and do not believe in monastic living.
  • Like Hindus, we accept reincarnation, but don’t accept the caste system or idol worship.

In summary, Sikhs connect to all paths yet remain distinct and follow only the teachings of our Ten Gurus. The Gurus’ path is of earning grace and achieving Oneness with the Divine One. Sikhs believe in only One Supreme Being who Creates, Sustains and Destroys everything. That One Supreme Being is inside us, pervades everywhere, and we can connect to it.

You can help spread the message of Sikhi to people around you by using the leaflet created by the Basics of Sikhi team.
You can also check out our other leaflets on the Downloads page.

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