t Gurdwaras (Guru’s door, Sikh temple) across the globe, you will always see a Chaur Sahib (royal whisk) near Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Eternal Sikh Guru, Sikh holy scripture). 

The Status of a King

The Chaur Sahib is a sign that this is for a king. For us, Guru Sahib Ji (Enlightener) is the true king. Kings used to have a few things with them that showed that they were a king. For high respect, one thing is a Chandoa (royal umbrella) and another is a Chaur (royal whisk). These two things are always with Maharaj Ji (Great King-referring to Guru Ji). In addition, there would also be a Sevak (servant) doing Seva (selfless service) for Guru Sahib Ji.

This is what Sikhs always did for Guru Sahib Ji. You will see this in history, with Suthra Shah doing Chaur Sahib of Maharaj Ji. If you see photos of Guru Sahib Ji walking, you will see one Sikh with a royal umbrella and another Sikh standing with the Chaur Sahib. Sometimes the Chaur Sahib was made from peacock feathers. There have always been these signs associated with Guru Sahib as our master and king. They always have these signs with them as the King of the Chandoa and Chaur Sahib. Even today, these signs are still important.

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